Friday, November 30, 2007

Peruvannamuzhi -God's own village

Peruvannamuzhi (Peruvannamoozhy) is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Calicut District of Kerala state ,South India.Peruvannamuzhi is almost 60 KM from the Calicut City. The main attraction of the place is artificial lake reservoir) where the visitor can enjoy a cool boating. Speed boat as well as small rowing boats are available at the site.

There are numerous small islands in the reservoir few of them are converted to Bird sanctuaries and 'Samarak Thottam'.The reservoir server the irrigation requirements of three districts of Kerala namely Kozhikode,Malapuram and Kannur.The Japan government aided multi million dollar drinking water project also is getting water from the Peruvannamuzhi reservoir.

There is a beautiful garden in peruvannamuzhi where visitors can spend time without any disturbances of the busy outside world. Another attraction of Peruvannamuzhi is the Crocodile farm where you can closely observe the giant crocodiles.

The IISR (formerly CPCRI) research center is also located in Peruvannamuzhi.IISR is a Government of India Institution for agricultural research and development. Many new varieties of corps are emerged from the IISR Peruvannamuzhi research labs.

Another venture of IISR known as KVK or Krishi Vigyan Kendra is also has its main offices in Peruvannamuzhi. KVK has it's own training facilities for farmers with hostel and boarding facilities. Another attraction of Peruvannamuzhi is the Koothali Agricultural Farm which is located in Peruvannamuzhi.You will get seed and saplings of all fruit and flower varieties here.

The decades old Fathima Matha Catholic church is also another attraction. The surrounding areas of the Church gives a breathtaking scenic beauty.

Another famous organization 'Shalom' is also having its headquarters in Peruvannamuzhi.The Shalom publications, Shalom TV and Shalom Prayer group are also operating from the same campus

If you are interested to know more about Peruvannamuzhi and the institutions operated from there ,please visit the following web sites,

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