Friday, November 23, 2007

IT companies of Kerala -

As a silent spectator of incidents in Kerala like many of the Keralites living outside Kerala I was very happy when the news of Dubai Internet city coming up in Cochin was exposed to the world. But because of the political issues unfortunately it got delayed.

There are lots of Malayalies who are working in software industry who are eager to come back to Kerala, if get a good opportunity to work over there. Let us hope that that dream will come true as early as possible.

The proposed Medical cum IT Township at Kinaloor near Calicut by the Malasian initiative is also bringing hopes to mallus.

The proposed Cyber park of Calicut is also a good initiative towards that, but only God knows when it will become a reality.

It is known that very small entry-level companies (mostly web design companies) are operating from Calicut, mainly catering the local Customers. It is heard that few of them are getting exposed to clients outside Kerala and let us hope that sooner or later they may grow to the level of a software provider.

The main problem of IT companies operating from Kerala, including the companies of Techno park Trivandrum, is that the pay package what they are offering is very low compared to what people are getting in Bangalore or Pune.Also the chances of getting onsite deputation is also very limited unless you are a senior member of the company.

All these blots are forcing software engineers from taking an opportunity to joining companies that are operating from Kerala and this has created a problem among top players who wanted to start a facility from Techno Park or Cochin and now it is heard that companies are planning to offer better packages for those who are ready to join their Kerala campuses.

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