Thursday, November 22, 2007

Calicut shopping malls !!

Lots of malls are coming up in Calicut.Most of them hosts multiplexes and global brands.
Still I don't know how many of them are started functioning but according to the friend in Calicut sooner or later Calicut become the 'mall capital ' of North Kerala.
But still I wonder how all these Malls will manage to draw revenue from such a small town like Calicut?
Are they expecting spendthrift IT boys from Bangalore or Gurgaon?
See the list of malls below,

1.Focus Mall -Rajai Road -opposite to moffusil bus station -2.5 LSF
2.Meezan mega mall -Coming up - 4LFT
3.Reliance shopping mall -Mavoor road junction -14 floors
4.Marina mall -YMCA cross raod
5.Space mall - Mavoor road by galaxy builders-1,30,000sq.ft

Folks,add if i missed out any..

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