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Wayanad, Kerala, Wayanad Hotels, Wayanad resorts, Wayanad routes

How to reach Wayanad? Where to stay in Wayanad?What are the places of interest in Wayanad?
Traveling from Bangalore to Wayanad for a weekend trip? Find all these information here.

Bangalore to Wayanad

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Map of Wayanad

Wayanad Resorts
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Wayanad Hotels

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Wayanad Tourism
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Chennai to Wayanad
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to Wayanad (Kerala) is around 600 km and takes approx 12 hrs by road.
Wayanad does not have railway station. Kozhikkode is the nearby train station which is connected to Chennai.
The train from Chennai to Kozhikode are below
West Coast Express -11:30 AM (Chennai Central)  12:05 AM (Kozhikkode)  Journey Time :12h 35m
Mangalore Exp - 05:00 PM(Chennai Central)  04:15 AM(Kozhikkode)  Journey Time :11h 15m
Mangalore Mail - 08:15 PM(Chennai Central)  07:45 AM(Kozhikkode)  Journey Time :11h 30m
Ms Mangalore Express - 10:00 PM(Chennai Egmore) 04:55 PM(Kozhikkode)  Journey Time :18h 55m

Chennai to Wayanad Driving Directions
Poonamalle High Road -->Salem ---->Erode -->Coimbatore--->Palakkad--->Kozhikode---->Thamarasseri--->Kalpetta (Wayanad)

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