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Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) campus in Malappuram district

Aligarh Muslim University, AMU , one of the best universities in India, would be set up its campus in Malappuram District.According to media reports the government had identified 400 acre of land at Elamkulam-Anamangad Village.The village is well known as the native place of late Communist Leader E M S Namboodiripad.This campus will be one of the five off campus centers of the AMU across the country,which central human resource development ministry had decided to set up across India.
It is expected that the Distance Education Center of the University would have all the facilities of a University.The campus would cost the finance ministry around Rs.4 billion to set up the campus.
This is a very important step as far as the higher education sector of Kerala especially Malappuram district is concerned.Malappuram is one of the educationally backward district of Kerala.
Let us wait and see how fast the campus will be set up in Malappuram since in Kerala ,land acquisition always created unnecessary delays.

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  1. Set up Aligarh University Malapuram Campus as soon as possible.The present LDF Govt. is trying to eliminate the chances of Malapuram to be South India's centre of education.
    Why they are running behind private land at Chelamala eventhough Govt. have enough land near District Capital City ?
    Why they want to sell Govt. land to BOURGEOIS BUSINESS TYCOONS to setup a SELF-FINANCING UNIVERSITY ?

  2. The concern raised is very critical. Why the government want the community to be depressed and backward for ever. The findings indicate that the party flourish only in the field of poverty. Envy and jealous lead the party leadership.


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