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Kannur Tourism-Tourist places and Beaches in Kannur (Cannanore)

Kannur is a city in northern Kerala.Kannur district derived its name from the location of its headquarters at Kannur town.
Kannur, was for many centuries the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas, the rivals of the Zamorins of Kozhikode.
The old name 'Cannanore' is the anglicized form of the Malayalam word Kannur.Kannur is now a city known for its handloom and beedi industries.

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There is an airport coming up in Kannur.Ezhimala navel academy is in Kannur district.Famous institutes like Brannan college, Thalassery and NTTF (The NETTUR TECHNICAL TRAINING FOUNDATION) visit:
Here is a list of places which has tourism potential or already there in the tourism map.

Tellicherry Fort (Thalassery Fort)
This fort is located around 22 km from Kannur and is perched on a rocky hill on the Thalasseri beach…

Tourist places in Kasargod (Kasaragod)

Kasaragod has many places which has immense potential as tourist destinations. The Bekal fort, which is of great historical and archaeological interest, is the largest and best preserved of its kind in the district and in the Kerala state.The district has many other famous tourist centres apart from the internationaly famous Bekal fort & beach.There are also places which can be converted to attract the tourists.The main tourist places in Kasargod are given below.
1.Bakel : Read more about Bakel here:Bakel,Bekal Fort,Kasargod-Kasaragod Tourist Places...
2.Kottencheri Hills
Kottencheri hills is near Konnakkady in Hosdurg taluk. These mountains are full of dense forests, meadows and medicinal plants.This rain forest is near Konnakkad 30 KM north- east of Kanhangad. Beautiful picnic centre and ideal for trekking. Thalakkaveri in the Brahmagiri mountain of Coorg is near this hills.Kottancheri Hills is a part of the Western Ghats in Kasaragod District.

3.Ranipuram (Madathumala)
Ranipuram …

Bakel,Bekal Fort,Kasargod-Kasaragod Tourist Places

Bakel the magnificent and robust fort, which overlooks the calm seas and the snow white beach is twenty six kms South of Kasargod town, the northern most Kerala town.
1992 the Government of India declared Bekal Fort as a special tourism area.Bakel fort and the adjoining beach selected by the central government to develop into a special tourism area for the promotion of tourism.
With the intention of transforming Bekal Fort into international tourism centre that in the year 1995 the government formed Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC).The Bekal fort is now under the Archeological Department of the Government of India.
This imposing circular structure of laterite, rising 130 feet above sea level, stands on a 35-acre headland that runs into the Arabian Sea.
Chemmanad, Udma, Pallikkara and Ajanur Panchayats will come under the Bekal tourism project. Corporation has decided to acquire 278 hectares of land for Bekal tourism development.
According to the South Canara Manual, Bek…

IMHANS Kuthiravattom, Kozhikode to get Centre of Excellence in Mental Health status

The India government has decided to elevate The Institute for Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (IMHANS) Kuthiravattom Kozhikode, to the status of Centre for Excellence.
The project envisages commencement of four additional seats in MD Psychiatry, 8 M.Phil Clinical Psychology and 8 seats in M. Phil Social Worker courses in the Institute at the Government Medical College campus Kozhikode.
The IMHANS has had a long story of neglect and lack of facilities.Considering the number of patients seeks admission there the current facilities is not sufficient.

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