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Peruvannamuzhi -God's own village

Peruvannamuzhi (Peruvannamoozhy) is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Calicut District of Kerala state ,South India.Peruvannamuzhi is almost 60 KM from the Calicut City. The main attraction of the place is artificial lake reservoir) where the visitor can enjoy a cool boating. Speed boat as well as small rowing boats are available at the site.

There are numerous small islands in the reservoir few of them are converted to Bird sanctuaries and 'Samarak Thottam'.The reservoir server the irrigation requirements of three districts of Kerala namely Kozhikode,Malapuram and Kannur.The Japan government aided multi million dollar drinking water project also is getting water from the Peruvannamuzhi reservoir.

There is a beautiful garden in peruvannamuzhi where visitors can spend time without any disturbances of the busy outside world. Another attraction of Peruvannamuzhi is the Crocodile farm where you can closely observe the giant crocodiles.

The IISR (forme…

Shalom Prayer

Shalom Prayer
Shalom is a prayer group with a mission to spread message of Jesus Christ all over the world.Shalom was started in the year 1989 as a small prayer group. Shalom has its main office located In Peruvannamuzhi which is a beautiful village in Calicut district of North Kerala ,India.Shalom has different publications weekly monthly magazines and a Television ministry called Shalom TV.
You can reach shalom from the following Links,

Shalom Ministry

Shalom TV

Shalom Retreat

Sunday Shalom and Shalom Times

Shalom Tidings

Shalom TV - USA

Shalom Office address

Peruvannamuzhi P O.
Kozhikode Dt., Kerala State, South India. Pin:673 528
Phone: (0496) 2662077, 2663078, 2663079 Fax: 04962663080

IT companies of Kerala -

As a silent spectator of incidents in Kerala like many of the Keralites living outside Kerala I was very happy when the news of Dubai Internet city coming up in Cochin was exposed to the world. But because of the political issues unfortunately it got delayed.There are lots of Malayalies who are working in software industry who are eager to come back to Kerala, if get a good opportunity to work over there. Let us hope that that dream will come true as early as possible.The proposed Medical cum IT Township at Kinaloor near Calicut by the Malasian initiative is also bringing hopes to mallus.The proposed Cyber park of Calicut is also a good initiative towards that, but only God knows when it will become a reality.It is known that very small entry-level companies (mostly web design companies) are operating from Calicut, mainly catering the local Customers. It is heard that few of them are getting exposed to clients outside Kerala and let us hope that sooner or later they may grow to the le…

Calicut / Kozhikode tourist spots

Beypore (10 km south of Kozhikode) This place has a small port and a beautiful beach.Beypore is also famous for building wooden ship, it is called Dhows or Urus in Malayalam languageand it boasts a tradition of almost 1500 years
You can reach Beypore by :
Road : Beypore is well connected by road and is just 11 km from Calicut.
Air : Calicut airport, is at Karipur and is 23 km from Calicut city centre
Rail : Kozhikode station 10 km apart and Feroke 4 km apart
Kappad (16 km from Kozhikode)Kozhikode BeachS M StreetKadalundi Bird Sanctuary (25 km from Kozhikode)Kakkayam (45 km from Kozhikode) Kakkayam offers challenging trekking and rock climbing.It is famous for its waterfalls and scenic beauty.One hydro electric project is also there.
MananchiraKallai Centuries old wood trade center.Kallai river is famous for its appearence in numerous books,movies,songs and poems
Peruvannamuzhi (60 km from Kozhikode)Vellari Mala

Shopping in Cochin

Shopping centers and famous shopping places in cochin ->

Jewellery and dressing materials and Shopping and entertainment malls
Broadway is always busy and the best buys include clothes and spices. This was the city's busiest commercial centre in the yesteryears.
Marine Drive
Malls and shopping streets
The Jew Street
Spice trade and curio shops.
Kadavanthara & Vytilla
Shopping Malls

Calicut shopping malls !!

Lots of malls are coming up in Calicut.Most of them hosts multiplexes and global brands.
Still I don't know how many of them are started functioning but according to the friend in Calicut sooner or later Calicut become the 'mall capital ' of North Kerala.
But still I wonder how all these Malls will manage to draw revenue from such a small town like Calicut?
Are they expecting spendthrift IT boys from Bangalore or Gurgaon?
See the list of malls below,

1.Focus Mall-Rajai Road -opposite to moffusil bus station -2.5 LSF
2.Meezan mega mall-Coming up - 4LFT
3.Reliance shopping mall -Mavoor road junction -14 floors
4.Marina mall-YMCA cross raod
5.Space mall - Mavoor road by galaxy builders-1,30,000sq.ft

Folks,add if i missed out any..

Cochin smart city

Cochin smart city hopes again rejuvenated on 16th November and Kerala chief minister V.S Achudanandan and Dubai smart city executive director Fareed Abdul Rehman laid the foundation stone.
As they claim this will be the biggest IT park in India once the park is fully functional.I have been to a company which is operating from the media city Dubai for a short assignment of two months.The infrastructure and the facilities is really amazing.
But who knows whether any software giants will be ready to operate from the proposed Cochin smart city?Those who knows the people of Kerala and their eagerness to protest to any 'good' thing by the influence of their political affinity.
Still some political parties are protesting against the smart city project merely to get the political advantage.
Needless to say no one cares about the common man !

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